So your looking for fitness inspiration and you see things like this, repeated images of models who quite frankly could be very skinny men with boob implants!  This isn’t showing healthy fitness inspiration, its showing obsession and images of people who are pushing their bodies to unhealthy levels to achieve exaggerated physiques with, quite frankly, often disgusting results.


Now i do understand each woman has the right to do as she wishes with her body, but using these particular images to advertise to the masses, the easily impressionable, is mostly going to:

A)  Set unhealthy fitness goals to those suckered in to thinking this is what fit and healthy looks like, people in masses will believe what you are selling them, is this really what you want to encourage?   Apart from the fact they are extreme examples of women in fitness which people would rarely be able to achieve anyway as its such an unnatural body shape, therefore setting unreasonable goals, unattainable goals or goals in which women are compromising their health to achieve.

B) For those of us who see this for what it is are instantly put off the workouts provided and the companies using these extreme models to advertise their ‘fitness’ brand.  This is the other end of the scale, instead of using this as an unrealistic goal, we see this as something to be avoided at all costs, therefore avoiding anything which has even a chance of turning our bodies into this exaggerated form.

Its also worth noting that these professional photos are airbrushed and finished off, as they are with any models.   Which makes me wonder just how bad they may look in the flesh.  What is their skin really like?  How many of those large veins are really coming up all over their bodies, how much of the miniscule curves that you see are actually added in after to give them a shred of femininity??

Don’t get me wrong, i love a degree of muscle on a woman, the strong lean look adding to her feminine curves, when your glutes create an enviably shapely rear and your quads are adding strength and shape to legs, when abs are toned enough to add definition to the mid section without bulking out and removing the nipped in waist, the shape that makes us women!    We can use fitness to accentuate curves, to add to our womanly charms and create a body that oozes strength, fitness, health AND femininity.

I shall follow up with a blog showing what i myself deem to be more acceptable fitness inspiration.

About Kirsty Jones Fitness, Health and Wellbeing

I'm a laid back yet adventurous woman exploring the world of fitness, health and well-being as well as pretty much anything else that catches my attention including books, food, traveling, nature.....The list goes on.

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  1. Ice_Badger says:

    I completely agree! The only way I would achieve a look like that would be radical surgery to my hips :-S
    I is like the saying “strong is the new skinny” which is often plastered over such images…what it really means is skinny with muscles is now the desirable unrealistic goal!
    I am glad I am not the only one out there who thinks this :-D

    this is why my goals are fitness and health based and I am allowing the size and shape thing to follow on naturally :-D

    • The scary thing for me is that i probably could look like that, i am naturally very small and without much hips, but i do everything in my power to gain weight, to gain muscle in areas to add shape to my body, creating a bum by working on my glutes and making sure i don’t overwork my abs so dont bulk up too much there and i keep my pinched in waist, these images really scare me into taking another look at my routine to make sure i DONT end up looking like that.

      I can only assume there is a little body dismorphia to blame for this exaggerated physique. We all know how easy it is to get carried away when criticizing our bodys.

      Your right, they are not images of strength at all, and shouldn’t be associated with strength and health.
      I much prefer the inspiration pics where the women look healthy as well as incredibly toned. Still a long way from where I’ll probably ever be but still nice healthy role models.

  2. John says:

    Totally agree. What very few articles ever seem to mention is sustainability, a lot of the routines and/or diet plans can’t be kept up for any length of time. I suppose that doesn’t sell.

    • It has to be your life to attain this OTT extreme physique and often its aided with a massive array of unnatural supplements. The measures that they must go to to get those bodies are unimaginable. Its not a realistic goal and its certainly not a healthy goal.

      There are lots of models with incredibly impressive bodies, bordering on perfection, very strong, still muscular AND Healthily, i don’t know why some companies seam to seek out the painfully overworked models like this.

  3. hovirag says:

    Totally agree, I don’t like to even look at those over worked bodies, be it men or women! Not natural and against any common sense if you ask me!

  4. Lisa is so busted lol.

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